Master of Science (Information and Communication Technology)
  • M Sc (Information & Communication Technology) is an unique 2 year (4 semesters) Post Graduate course started from year 2005-06. This is a specialized course offered to Computer Graduates only.
    Degree Awarded
  • On successful completion of 2 years of the course, the student will receive degree of the Masters in Computer Science (Information and Communication Technology). The degree is awarded by Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. After obtaining this degree, student can work as an IT/Communication Technology Professional or may pursue studies of Ph D Degree.

    Semester System
  • This course structure follows semester system and allows the students to complete their post graduation in two years (4 semesters).

Syllabus of M.Sc.(I.C.T.) -- Two Year Post Graduate Program 

Subject Code

Subject Title


Semester 1

ICT 101

Java Web Development

Servlets, JSP, JSF, JavaScript, ReactJS

ICT 102

Enterprise Java

EJB, JMS, Web Services, Enterprise Security

ICT 103

Information Security and Applications

Cryptography- DES, AES, RSA, MD5, SHA, IP Security, SSL

ICT 104

Advanced Computer Network

TCP/IP Model, IP Addressing, TCP, UDP, FTP, TFTP, SNMP

ICT 105

Practical 1

Based on Paper No. 101 - Java Web Development.

ICT 106

Practical 2

Based on Paper No. 102- Enterprise Java

ICT 107

Part Time Project 1


Semester 2

ICT 201


Framework, .NET Core, LINQ

ICT 202


MVC 5, .NET Core MVC , RESTful API, Angular

ICT 203

Elective 1 : Smart Device Computing Using iOS

Swift, Design Pattes

Elective 2 : Smart Device Computing Using Android

Android Studio, Programming with Java and Kotlin

ICT 204

Digital Communication

FDM, TDMA, WDM, WiFi, WiMAX, 4G, 5G, M2M

ICT 205

Practical 3

based on Paper No. 201 - C#.NET and Paper No. 202- Advanced.NET

ICT 206

Practical 4

based on elective Paper No. 203 – (Elective I : Smart Device Computing Using iOS or Elective II : Smart Device Computing Using Android).

ICT 207

Part Time Project 2


Semester 3

ICT 301

Introduction to Python and Data Science

Essential Statistics for Data Science, Python libraries, Descriptive and predictive modeling

ICT 302

Data Communication and Internet of Things

Raspberry pi and Arduino H/W platforms, Python Programming for IOT

ICT 303

Cloud Computing

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Micro Services, CI/CD, DevOps

ICT 304

Open Source Web Development

Nodejs, Express, PHP, MySQL, REST API, GraphQL, Laravel, MVC Patte

ICT 305

Practical 5

Based on ICT 301 and ICT 303

ICT 306

Practical 6

Based on ICT 304

ICT 307

Part Time Project 3


Semester 4

ICT 401


6 moths full time industry project


Pedagogies :

  • Regular Classroom Lectures
  • Laboratory Work
  • Projects Work
  • Interactive Group Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Seminars
  • Audio Visual Sessions
The Professional Edge through Project Training:

In the course, more emphasis is given to the project work as detailed below:.

In addition to classroom studies, students are required to work on real world projects preferably in industries during semester 1, 2 & 3. Also in the last semester, it is required that students undergo full time training in the business organization for 6 months. A presentation of the experience related to the training received is to be given by the student along with the submission of report on completion of the training.